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Get 4 spoilers for 2 spoiler's price (It's 998,- DKK equal to 134,- Euro / 159,- USD) and free deliveryChoose your personal combination among the 12 different motives in the collection and go artspoil yourself or a friend.
Choose 4 spoilers for your StartBox
Select 4 motives from the collection
Go to our webshop page with the ORIGAMETRY collection. Select 4 motives from the collection and add to cart. Before you start the checkout process apply the promo code "StartBox".
Additional the offer is inclusive free freight, So there is no excuse - not to try!

With ARTSPOIL it is always possible to re-arrange, change format or

expand the art piece with new spoilers as an update to your story...

You can connect the loaders in many different formats and in the square (2x2) format alone, you'll get more than 6.000 ways of combining your new piece of art. In other words: It's a unique creation of yours whatever you do.
With ARTSPOIL you are an art collector and artist at the same time. Create you own personal picture on the wall.
Make the right format for your wall.