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ARTSPOIL is a revolt against the white wall. All great moments in life are full of colour and attitude and art is our way of appreciating and sharing these moments. ARTSPOIL provides an opportunity to express a personal story, by a puzzle of moments on the wall.                                                                                                                                                                                             
// Artspoil Yourself 


ARTSPOIL is a frameless modular system of tiles that individually fit together and are hung collected on a wall like a painting.

Each tile, which is referred to as a spoiler, carries a motive. New designs for spoiler motives are launched on a regular basis, following the fashion cycle. As a collector of spoilers, you can create your own unique piece of art telling a personal story. It is always possible to re-arrange, change format or expand the picture with new spoilers as an update to your story, due to the frameless system. When giving spoilers as a present you contribute to a greater picture that will be on the wall in the collector’s life and everyday.

ARTSPOIL is a disruptive innovation and has the potential to revolt against the art scene of the world. With the modular and flexible system ARTSPOIL establishes a platform to create democratic art.


ARTSPOIL is a frameless and modular based wall decoration system. Each square consists of a rotatable and removable décor area (Spoiler) as well as a system frame (Loader) which can be attached on all four sides to adjacent system frames - with 3 clips on each side. The final picture can take any form a puzzle permits and can also vary from one to any number of squares depending on needs and, of course, the size of the wall. Assemble the Loaders from the backside with the clips and put together the desired format. Hang the skeleton on the wall by fixed mounting or with a string as normal and load it with spoilers. In other words, ARTSPOIL is a brand new way of looking at art – not just
literally – but also in the way of using and collecting art.

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