An ARTSPOIL packaging contains 1 spoiler, 1 loader and 3 clips. The loaders are assembled by 3 clips and put together one by one to the desired format. When finished assembling loaders there are 3 different ways to mount the final format of loaders on to the wall.

ARTSPOIL can be wall mounted by string or directly with screws - either in an open hole for easy removeable or an ordinary hole for fixed wall mounting. Patent application filed July 2016 / PA 2016 70568.

Ready to use

ARTSPOIL is the ultimate art indulgence for everybody and there are infinite possibilities for composition of spoilers, thus always uniqueness guarantee. It is an exclusive system that combines mass-produced wall decor with international high-end art. This is ensured by two different categories of spoilers; Basic spoilers and Unica spoilers.

Basic spoilers will be released regulary and will be presented in collections, typically 12 motives for each collection.

Basic spoilers are to be compared with the framed and printed poster and the Unica spoiler is comparable to a unique piece of art e.g. oil on canvas. ARTSPOIL is more than a system, it acts as a gallery or a modern portal for artists and art lovers - where graphic designers, photographers, illustrators and other artists will be selected by our curators. Over time, a third category might be established for limited and signed art, just like we know it from numbered lithographs.

Different kind of categories 
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