Artist & Photographer, born 1961. Lives and works in Sweden & Denmark

Jon Nordstrøm begin both life and career in the old neighbourhoods of Copenhagen – which back then in the 70s and 80s was a key hot spot for Beat, Punk and alternative living in Scandinavia. Though he gets an education in photography it is more than anything else in this furnace of social, sexual and existential turmoil that J.N. is born as art photographer.

During the 90s J.N. completely changes strategy and becomes a leading advertising photographer for international communications agencies. In 2008 he finally combines these two very different worlds by founding the publishing company Nordstroms. Until now this has led to ten unique and award-winning books in which J.N. in words and images looks back across the century and tells us forgotten stories from a forgotten time.




Artist & Graphical Designer, born 1984. Lives and works in Copenhagen.


Casper Heijkenskjöld holds a double education: One in Visual Communication from The Design School of Kolding and one in Creative Communication from The Danish School of Media and Journalism. After ended education C.H. worked at the famous studio of Stefan Sagmeister in New York and got further experience from working in both London and San Francisco. He started up his own studio in 2011 and was appointed New Visual Artist by Print Magazine in 2012. In 2014 he won Adobe Creative Jam Stockholm.

During 2016 C.H. together with Andrea Eedes (DK) founded the design agency Glasyr based in Copenhagen. 




Artist, born 1960, Lives and works in Copenhagen.


Kauffmann began her studies at Academie d’Art Rodere in Paris in 1987 and continued at La Grande Chaumeere in 1988. During 1991-96 she lived in Frankfurt A.M. in Germany and completed an academic master degree at Göethe University. Back in Denmark she has over the years been further educated by Ingela Skytte form the Royal Art Academy of Denmark.

Her first decades as a painter was closely related to the Northern European movement CoBrA and its dramatic and highly colorful abstract espressionism. But already early in her career the human figure made its entrance followed by a whole new range of moral, existential and spiritual questions. Kauffmann has never abandoned her initial abstract and colorful approach to the canvas but her objective has in more than one sense changed course completely.

Collection:  COLORS IN AIR



Artist & Photographer, born 1985. Lives and works in Italy.

Mattia Morelli is educated at the Accademia Albertina and has a degree in Painting and specialization in Photography from the art school of Bologna. Since 2011 he has been actively committed to the Italian art scene participating in numerous group and solo exhibitions and in 2014 he starts his contribution to the American Academy in Rome. During 2017 he enters France at the Laviolette Gallery in Paris.


Though primarily working with photography Mattia Morelli tend to combine this media with a wide range of others such as painting, drawing, poetry and sculpture.

Collection:  SPACE SPOTTED



Artist & Graphical Designer, born 1990. Lives and works in Copenhagen.

Andrea Eedes is educated at both Copenhagen Business School in Intercultural Market Communications and at the School for Visual Communication in Haderslev. A.E. has even attended courses at Copenhagen School of Art making her portfolio a multi layered ‘one-of-a–kind’: Intercultural Graphic Designer and Art Director. Her approach to urban design is complex and astonishing original.

During 2016 A.E. together with Casper Heijkenskjöld (SE) founded the design agency Glasyr based in Copenhagen.

Collection:  ORIGAMETRY



Artist & Graphical Designer, born 1969. Lives and works in Copenhagen.


Christian Brinck, educated at the Danish Design School, works with a wide range of media in the field of art and design.

Mastering both concept development, art direction and graphical design C.B. has been deeply involved in everything from art, music, movies and NGO projects to commercial campaigns by international companies.

In his graphical art C.B. has been able to develop a unique and complex style by combining his many talents in new and exciting ways. 

Collections:  TYPOtubes  COLORDOSCOPE



Art photographer, born 1971 in Denmark. Lives and works in Copenhagen.

Line Hjorth graduates from Roskilde University with a master in communication. During the years 2007-08 she takes an additional education at Fatamorgana – The Danish School for Art Photography and is gradually turning her career into being an artist. In 2009 she makes her debut on the Danish art scene at the Artist’s Autumn Exhibition (KE). In addition she even wins the jury prize.

In the following years she becomes a leading member of the board of KE and in 2012 she is selected as daily leader at the very art school, Fatamorgana, which she just a few years earlier attended as a student.

Since the breakthrough at KE in 2009 Line Hjorth has exhibited numerous times in Denmark, France and Germany and in 2011 she is awarded with an ‘Honorable Mention’ at the Lens Culture International Exposure Awards.

Today, beside her career as an artist, Line Hjorth works as leading manager at the studio of Magnum Photographer Jacob Aue Sobol.


Mogens Elgaard (DK)


Art photographer, born 1957 in Denmark. Lives and works in Copenhagen.

Mogens Elgaard is educated in Literature, Language (M.A.) and Philosophy (B.A.) at the University of Copenhagen. He educates himself to become an art photographer and creates a unique DNA by combining his highly theoretical background with a vivid and seemingly random approach to urbanity. M.E. debuts at the Danish Autumn Exhibition (KE) in 2008 and in the years to follow he becomes a member of the board and plays a key role in the revitalization of this more than one hundred year old art institution. In recent years M.E. has released a number of books in which he seeks to go even further with the philosophical scope hidden in the lens of a camera.

Collection:  CITY GHOST



Art & Fashion Photographer, born 1960 in Germany. Lives and works in Copenhagen.

Mike A. Fischer became a renowned fashion photographer already early in his career, shooting cover photos for all the big magazines around the world - in London, Milan, New York etc. Having acquired a sublime technique and a certain “artistic style” M.A.F finally moves on in 2000 and becomes an independent film producer and creative director. This turn in career kick starts a new, parallel and entirely artistic line of works where the high speed of the past 20 years fashion shooting almost literally is turned around and put to slow motion. As an artist M.A.F. transforms the former pace and outward energy into an internal focus and a dwelling toward the object. His natural flair for astonish- ing beauty is now being paired with an existential dimension of doubt, time and decay. When fashion meets philosophy art is born. 

Collection:  FLOWER COSMOS